All The News That's Fit To…Post?


Say it ain’t so. After over a century of printing ‘all the news that’s fit’, The New York Times head honcho Arthur Sulzburger has acknowledged that the Times will stop printing it’s paper edition “someday”.

Not “someday” like in the end times when dinosaurs once more roam the earth. Someday like 2015, according to industry rumors. Sulzburger was mum on a timeline, but in essence the Gray Lady’s shift from paper to a digital-only existence is already in the works.

Where the Gray Lady goes, the newspaper industry is sure to follow.

On the one hand, this makes sense. I’ve been a newspaper journalist most of my adult life, and I’ve never had a print subscription to the paper I worked for. If even the journalists aren’t reading paper newspapers anymore, clearly they don’t have much of a future.

I did for many years have a subscription to the Sunday Times though. It’s hard to imagine my kids growing up in a world with no Sunday comics spread out on the kitchen table. No newspaper boats. No endless supply of newsprint papier-mache projects on rainy days. No slowly growing into reading some of the articles over my shoulder in bed.

It breaks my heart a little to think of the Gray Lady going virtual, even though it’s been inevitable for years. What will you miss most about your paper newspaper?

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