All You Need to Know About Fatherhood on a Credit Card


father-and-new-babyBritish hospitals are now sending home a guide that promises to tell you “how to be a dad.” So how many men does it take to carry this thing out of the hospital?

Just one – the guide is the size of a credit card.

So what does that say, exactly? Feed it, clothe it, don’t drop it?

Or not. The card has gotten the backing of the Royal College of Midwives, and the Mirror reports it includes tips such as “help provide a loving and calm environment” during the birth and warns dads they could develop their own form of post-partum depression.

It’s good to see someone finally loading dad up with some things while mom gets the obligatory free diaper bag full of crap. But is a credit-card sized guide on “how to be a good dad” really worth it?

Image: apdk via flickr

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