Alligator Gets Loose After School Show and Tell


alligatorFor as long as it took to show off his live alligator to his daughter’s class, Dave Brady was the coolest parent in the State of Florida. Then the gator got loose.

The creature jumped out of Brady’s truck and took off for the wild – with the tape Brady had used to keep his yap shut while around the kids still firmly in place.

The jump happened when Brady took the gator back to his truck at the school – so kids were never in any danger. Unless you consider there’s an angry gator roaming around their school. But then again, this is Florida. The Panama City News Herald notes the police are interested “only in the gator with tape on its mouth, not other alligators that could be in the same area.”

Well, when you make that distinction, sure …

What’s the weirdest thing your kids have reported at show and tell?

Image: hdport via Flickr

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