Amanda Knox to Return to an Italian Courtroom This Time as a Witness



Amanda Knox will return to Italy. This time to defend her parents.

Italian officials can’t leave well enough alone in the case of Amanda Knox, who last year was acquitted of murdering her roommate and fellow exchange student, Meredith Kercher, after spending four years in prison.

It looks like Amanda could be back in an Italian courtroom as early as March, only this time it’s her parents she will be defending.

ABC News reports that Knox may be the defense’s only witness in a case that alleges her parents slandered Perugian police in an interview they gave in 2009 to the London Sunday Times. During the interview Curt Knox said that, “Amanda was abused physically and verbally… She told us she was hit in the back of the head by a police officer.”

If found guilty, Knox’s parents could face up to three years in prison. Amanda has also been charged with slander. Her court date has not been set.

This all seems a little vindictive, doesn’t it? This young girl proven innocent spent four years of her life behind bars and now those who had a hand in putting her there want to prosecute her again for alleging she was abused? In my opinion, the Knox family have suffered enough at the hands of the Italian government.

What do you think?

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