Amanda Knox Update: Her Case & Her Parents Upcoming Libel Trial


Parents will do anything to defend their children, and if your daughter is imprisoned for something she may not have done and you believe in your daughter’s innocence, you will do anything and everything to defend her.  That is what has happened to Amanda Knox’s parents and now, they are paying the price for their loyalty. Curt Knox and Edda Mellas were indicted in response to a suit filed by the Perugia police. Why?

In an interview three years ago with Britain’s Sunday Times, Amanda Knox’s dad made a claim that the police abused his daughter— both physically and verbally before she was arrested for any crime. And the Italian police? They didn’t take very kindly to these claims and said that they did not harm Knox in any way.

The libel trial of Amanda Knox‘s parents will begin on July 4th, and their daughter’s murder conviction (for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher) is in the midst of an appeal.  On top of all that, Amanda Knox is facing a slander suit of her own after she made a claim that they bullied her during questioning.

This family will be entangled in the Italian legal system for quite a while in a very public way – even being featured in a dramatized Lifetime movie on their plight.  The heartbreak for the Knox family continues far past that night of November 1st three years ago, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Photo: Lifetime

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