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Amanda Knox Update: Her Case & Her Parents Upcoming Libel Trial

By Sunny Chanel |

Parents will do anything to defend their children, and if your daughter is imprisoned for something she may not have done and you believe in your daughter’s innocence, you will do anything and everything to defend her.  That is what has happened to Amanda Knox’s parents and now, they are paying the price for their loyalty. Curt Knox and Edda Mellas were indicted in response to a suit filed by the Perugia police. Why?

In an interview three years ago with Britain’s Sunday Times, Amanda Knox’s dad made a claim that the police abused his daughter– both physically and verbally – before she was arrested for any crime. And the Italian police? They didn’t take very kindly to these claims and said that they did not harm Knox in any way.

The libel trial of Amanda Knox’s parents will begin on July 4th, and their daughter’s murder conviction (for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher) is in the midst of an appeal.  On top of all that, Amanda Knox is facing a slander suit of her own after she made a claim that they bullied her during questioning.

This family will be entangled in the Italian legal system for quite a while in a very public way – even being featured in a dramatized Lifetime movie on their plight.  The heartbreak for the Knox family continues far past that night of November 1st three years ago, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Photo: Lifetime

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5 thoughts on “Amanda Knox Update: Her Case & Her Parents Upcoming Libel Trial

  1. DJR says:

    Unfortunately for the free world Italy has shown a flare for the days of old when Barons ruled the countryside and young women were assaulted when left unattended. The Supreme Court of Italy has already ruled that the interrogation of Amanda Knox was illegal under Italian law, thus it was an assault. If a person investigates they will find several illegal actions committed by the Pergia authorities. Physically or mentally has no indifference in society today, both can and are known to leave emotional scars. Supreme leaders of Italy should act quickly to for go these proceedings. Miginini the prosecutor and promoter of all of the Knox’s woes is obviously a man with issues, and Italy needs to deal with that, His authority in a international University’s location, and his conduct!

  2. Larry says:

    I’m sorry to hear this. It just one more obstacle and more expense the Foxes are going to have to endure even if it turns out that they are found innocent of the charges.
    I’m an American man 55, from Tucson Arizona who was in Italy during the time of the murder and also privy to many details of the case not shown on any of these so-called “ Amanda Knox tell all specials” such as the one recently aired on Life.
    Even if you put aside the alleged odd behavior at the scene, doing the spits and cartwheels at the police station and then ignore the emotional outburst of innocence and tears from Amanda and her family you would have nothing but the raw evidence to examine.
    With that being said and in my opinion Amanda Knox is in fact guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. This is not about what I want, what you want or what America wants. It’s not about Amanda the good kid, the college student with a great smile or anything else that appears on the surface of the skin.
    It’s about the blood evidence, the numerous lies the inconsistencies so and so forth. The list goes on and on. I’m not surprised in the least the defense would cry foul!
    It seems to be the stock reply to virtually any case in which DNA is involved. “It’s contaminated! Inconclusive! Or it’s been tampered with; the police did a sloppy job! These always seems to be the very first thing out of the defense attorneys mouth even if there is literally jar full’s of blood evidence as was the case in the OJ Simpson Trial.
    Really, you would think by now they could come up with something new besides the old contamination or sloppy police work routine.
    With that said, if I were in there shoes I’m sure I would be doing the same thing to save my daughter.
    I honestly don’t think the outcome is going to be any different.
    Unfortunately in this case Amanda is guilty .

  3. minuspa says:

    What a tragedy for a young girl’s life – Amanda’s and Meredith who is the victim here. Let’s not forget she is the one that will never have a life. Amanda being immature for her age and not very knowledgeable, should have kept her mouth shut from the get go. As in our judicial system, “anything you say will be and can be used against you in a Court of Law.” There have been people who when caught, have never let out a peep and because the guilty party doesn’t say a word to anyone, no court can try you. She should of at the very least kept her mouth shut till there was an attorney present. I don’t doubt that in the interrogation room that they didn’t smack her on the head or called her a liar and pressure her with threats. The police will do anything for a confession if they feel you are guilty. And the initial prosecutor at the time of her first trial had some of his own demons that were working on him. He should have precused himself from the case. But for notoriety purposes to make his name good, didn’t. He displayed his own feelings with his demons being it was either his neck in the noose regarding his profession or hers.

    Everyone suffers in this case. Meredith’s family as well as the Knox’s, Your daughter is 6000 miles away in a foreign country and your hands are tied when it comes to the judicial system. As it was noted in the documentary that Lifetime showed after the movie, the prosecutor had her arrested immediately with no definitive or concrete evidence. Realizing this, instead, he “tried” to make the pieces fit and point towards her when there was no substantial evidence pointing that she did it when the murderer confessed he did it. It appears that the prosecutor has a bad taste for American women, long before she came into the picture and unfortunately, she is the victim he is lashing out at. Her parents I am sure have been to hell and back many times over regarding their daughter.

    I feel for both families in this case. It appears the evidence was very sloppy with the prosecutor’s office. As it was portrayed in the movie by Lifetime, why would anyone in their right mind want to show the police what they had done?? by showing them where Meredith’s room was? Instead, they would have done everything in their power to make sure that they weren’t around when the police were there. Her case is a no win situation. When Amanda gets out of jail I am sure it will take many hours of psychiatric/psychological counseling in what she has had to deal with mentally and physically for many years to come. She herself, will probably never be totally whole again. How sad. You have actually lost two people’s lives here.

  4. donna says:

    How about raffaele has anyone tried to talk to him to see if they can try and get the truth? I feel like amanda is somehow involved she has said a few lies. It could be because she was feeling so much pressure or something but I feel like there is more to the story. I feel like the evidence is not enough if only the truth could be found. My sympathy goes out to meredith n her family n to amanda n raffaeles family

  5. KT says:

    How pathetic the excuses they try to use when a girl was murdered here. Saying it’s all the cops fault, everybody is corrupt, blaming Italy the country, the people, the system, etc. That’s how they want to portray the Italian system, as corrupt. This is racist. It wouldn’t matter how they conducted the investigation, they would still have been making the same claims. The US media and it seems the Knox’s and their lawyers are stirring the pot with negative stereotyping of mafia type thugs abusing a poor innocent girl. I’m glad the people accused in Italy filed charges against the Knox’s for the lies they told. It seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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