Amazing: Binders Full of Women Creator Wins the Debate ... and The Internet

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That includes you, Mittens!

If you watched last night’s Presidential debate, you know there were a few choice Romney moments that stood out as supremely awkward. One was his quote about single mothers causing mass shootings. (I’m a single mother, but I wasn’t offended, because as I tweeted, “I missed the Romney single mothers cause shootings moment because when he talks all I hear is blah blah I’m a douchefart blah blah money.”) Another was the moment when he started to break down what was in President Obama’s retirement fund, and he urged the President to check his pension, prompting Barack to retort, “I don’t look at my pension, it’s not as big as yours.” (Come on, Barack. We all know yours is bigger. Don’t be so nice.)

But perhaps the most cringe-worthy moment during Mitt’s time on the mic was when he told the story of searching for qualified female applicants while putting together his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts. “I said, well gosh, can’t we find some women that are qualified?,” Romney regaled. “I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.” WHOLE BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN! And that’s when an idea that took over the Internet was born.

Veronica De Souza, who — like many Americans — is currently job hunting, heard Romney’s turn of phrase and something inside her clicked. She told me, “As soon as I heard the binders full of women line I went to Tumblr to see if it was taken. It wasn’t so I made it and I decided I would do something with it later. I started saving photos of binders and came across the Trapper Keeper and “trap her, keep her” was born.” She added, “It’s hilarious how a split-second decision turned into this insane meme.” Insanely popular, that is. In just an hour or so it’s already been linked and mentioned all over the web, including by Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast. De Souza told me she was “fan girling so hard” over his coverage. And yes, the site is hilarious. Here are 15 of the best Binders Full of Women submissions for your perusal. Careful — don’t get a paper cut!

  • Trap Her, Keep Her 1 of 15
    Trap Her, Keep Her
    Mitt's views on equal pay are so 80's.
  • Ryan Gosling says … 2 of 15
    Ryan Gosling says ...
    It's election season. Let me come into that box and pull the lever.
  • Call me, Mitt. 3 of 15
    Call me, Mitt.
    I feel pretty confident based on your views that you're comfortable with things that are crazy.
  • One does not. 4 of 15
    One does not.
    Nice to see this meme used in favor of women instead of against them.
  • Sandra Fluke! 5 of 15
    Sandra Fluke!
    You slut.
  • Playboy Punny 6 of 15
    Playboy Punny
    He's got a Hef-ty collection of ... binders.
  • Mitt will Say Anything … 7 of 15
    Mitt will Say Anything ... get your vote!
  • A. Coop! 8 of 15
    A. Coop!
    Say what, womyn?! Fight the power.
  • More, man! 9 of 15
    More, man!
    More binders, that is!
  • Hillz 10 of 15
    Secretary of Binders.
  • McKayla is … 11 of 15
    McKayla is ...
    ... not impressed with your binders.
  • Mitt won’t be tough on China. 12 of 15
    Mitt won't be tough on China.
    In this case, he doesn't need to be. (I submitted this one.)
  • Politics is a dirty dance. 13 of 15
    Politics is a dirty dance.
    Bless you, Johnny. I'll carry a watermelon to the office party in your honor.
  • Reality checks from Hillary. 14 of 15
    Reality checks from Hillary.
    So old school.
  • Gift with purchse! 15 of 15
    Gift with purchse!
    Every binder comes with a pack of Bic Cristal for Her pens!

All images courtesy of Binders Full of Women. Go there now to see all the hysterical females in binders.


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