Amazing: PS22 Chorus Sings "The Greatest Love of All" (Video)

ps22 chorus whitney houston tribute the greatest love of all video
PS22 Chorus Whitney Houston tribute

This is just beautiful. Watch the PS22 chorus sing Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.”

The PS22 chorus always does a phenomenal job, but this Whitney Houston tribute was pulled together on short notice for CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show.

Music teacher Gregg Breinberg notes on the description of the YouTube video: “With the show airing tonight (this aired back in February), I was really hoping we would have time to do the song justice. I should know my chorus better than that by now…. ”¨”¨The kids did an absolutely ASTOUNDING version of “The Greatest Love of All” for the broadcast, and here is the version we recorded at rehearsal just hours before the filming… Major props to the chorus and soloists Kahlil & Kiarah for nailing this on such short notice and a minimal amount of rehearsal! And huge thanks to Ms. Lisa for doing such a beautiful job filming.”

Indeed, one of the things that makes these students shine is their amazing mentor, who clearly has a love for his chorus of amazingly talented kids.

I always love to see the emotional connection the kids have to what they’re singing it’s never over the top or faked, but you can really see they enjoy the music.

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