Amazon Reviewers Let Bic Know What They Can Do with Their Pens Made Just 'For Her'

Bic For Her
They have balls (the pens, I mean)

I appreciate razors being made just for women. I’m not sure I’d actually notice in difference if I used my husband’s instead of mine, but I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. Same goes for deodorant, shampoo and energy bars. I like when marketers put a little effort into my needs, or at least my love of aesthetics.

While Bic makes a lovely razor for women (again, see above, I like razors for women), I’m not entirely sure why it is they make pens for women. Yes, some of our landy hands might be infinitesimally smaller than man hands, but does that really merit a whole other pen?

Clearly Bic thought so. Some consumers, however, disagree. Hilariously so. Check out some reviews on for Bic’s pens “For Her”:

From D. Peers (“It’s changed my life!”)

This pen has changed my life for the better, it really has.

For so long I thought it was only possible to write by using the keyboard. I never ever thought that women would have the upper tensile strength to pick up a pen, let alone wield it to write on a piece of paper.

And lo, Bic finally save us by releasing this wonderful solution, a pen for her, finally.

I can only give it three stars because they’re not scented, are only in black, and aren’t left-handed too. Shame on you, Bic.

From Ms. Amy o’Rourke (“Finally, I can be a writer”):

For years I had dreamed of penning a masterpiece and yet, when it came to that blank piece of paper the harsh offensive masculinity of the pen was just too intimidating. Finally it seems someone has actually considered what it is like to be female in this cruel world and how easily our little minds can be intimidated and denied the oppourtunity to do our life’s work. Five stars.

From J. Canaday (“BIC – Because I Care For Her”):

I love the BIC pen because I care. I care for her. Beautiful, sleek and playful. Click, click she goes to my delight. But my love for her was not always unchallenged, for the beauty I relished was the beauty of temptation to all, including the dashing Mont Blanc. One day I happened upon the two, embraced together within a coffee mug in a way that pains me to write. But fate changed to my favor as love engendered from lust is soon to give way to ennui. Eventually the false lover moved on to a new distraction, leaving BIC wounded, vulnerable and much too cynical. Years passed, ill memories faded and chance gave us an opportunity to vow eternal happiness over our otherwise doleful existence. Yes, BIC, because I care…for her. Love, #2 Pencil.

By Sterling Archer (“A Flawed Concept”):

While I have always held Bic products in high regard, I cannot give them a good rating on this one. Don’t they realize what they’ve done? Now we are going to have women running around, all willy-nilly, writing things with pens.

By Cosmicomics (“Against Nature”):

Ballpoint pens for women, indeed… what were they thinking? Those ballpoints is technologies intended for mens. I should know, I are one.
Ball.point.pens. The clue’s in the name; if god had wanted women to write she’d have given them balls and something to point with.
This amber wand is no substitute and it must stop.

By J. Fercho (“Want a Refund”):

This pen is defective, it only works when i am writing notes in the margin of select Harlequin romances and that borrowed copy of Fifty Shades of Grey!!.. i know this to be true as i tried to write a note in War and Peace and it simply did not work!

For more reviews of the pen, go here.

Source: Jezebel


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