American Apparel Teams Up with Sesame Street


american-apparel-sesame-streetNow it’s not only American Apparel’s scantily clad models that evoke youth, but their designs as well. The clothing company has teamed up with Sesame Street to offer its customers a limited-edition run of Big Bird et al. t-shirts. They’ll be released this month to coincide with Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary.

No doubt college students will feel hip sporting seemingly retro Elmo tees, which makes this ad campaign all the more distasteful to me. Dov Charney has already taken the innocence out of fleece hoodies and leg warmers–does he really have to co-opt Ernie as well?

Sadly, the collaboration makes sense from a business perspective. Sesame Street must (please say they are!) be getting scads of moola to pawn their classic characters out to a lawsuit-plagued, misogynist company like American Apparel. And American Apparel hopes the partnership will help them revive their kids’ clothing line.

If they want to make any products for kids, they’re really going to have to stop running ads like this one.


Photos: Jezebel (top) and Business Pundit

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