American Girl Gives Kirsten the Axe


kirstenOne of the first American Girl dolls ever sold is being retired from the collection. Considering her story dates back to 1854, it’s no wonder Kirsten was getting a little long in the tooth.

She’s now following another one of her fellow trendsetters – Samantha Parkington who helped start the collection was axed last year – into the “archives.”

Apparently, with their new homeless girl doll, American Girl is busy hitting new frontiers – and they’re ready to leave their Minnesota frontier girl behind. According to the American Girl Wiki, “The official position of American Girl is that low-selling Historical items are removed to allow newer items to be released for purchase.”

I never had an American Girl doll, nor does my daughter – but I vaguely remember the catalog showing up in my house a few times, and Kirsten was always the one who caught my eye (what can I say – I was blonde-haired and blue-eyed). For that mere fact, the idea that she just wasn’t selling anymore makes me a little sad.

But there are no real loyalties here. Are you sad to see this plucky farm girl go?

Find out more on how to stock up on Kirsten goodies over at Droolicious.

Image: American Girl

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