America's Favorite Colors — Are These Hues in Your Home?

What Are the Most Popular Paint Colors for the Home?

My daughter asks a variety of questions of new acquaintances, including such informative questions as “what school do you go to?” “what’s your favorite movie?” and “what is your favorite color?” The latter has been a standard question for generations with an odd relevance, as if it gives some kind of insight into the person’s psyche.

In House Beautiful‘s Color Report they asked 4,000 Americans to name their own favorite color in relation to how they decorate their home. The most popular hue?

Blue! Twenty-nine percent of respondents said their favorite paint color was shades of blue. The runner up ­— with 21 percent of the vote was green. Red and purple tied with 8 percent of the vote.  The magazine also notes that orange is a “hot color” right now, but that brown, pink and yellow are “so over.”

“Blue and green are cool hues that imbue our living spaces with serenity. Our homes are our havens, and we’re not surprised that the two most popular colors are restful and reassuring,” said House Beautiful editor-in-chief Newell Turner, at least for spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. When it comes to the kitchen, yellow was the most common pick.

I’m feeling pretty “on trend” right about now. My living room and dining room are a sage green (and yes, they feel serene) and my bedroom is a light shade of blue (and yes, it is restful). And my kitchen? Yup, it’s yellow.

Do you choose paint colors for your family’s home to make your space more serene or relaxing?

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