America's Top Public High Shools


high-school-musical-2-400ds0906My daughter is far from being ready for high school, but when I saw Newsweek’s America’s Top Public High School list I immediately scoured the list of 1,300 schools to see which of our local schools made it.

The schools are from all over the country and the scoring is based on test scores (AP, Intl. Baccalaureate, Cambridge). Who made it to the top of the list ? The aptly named Talented and Gifted High School-  is in Dallas, Texas. And Dallas must have quite a school board since they took the number two spot as well with their Science/Engineering Magnet School.  Also in the top ten are two schools in Florida (both in Jacksonville), Alabama, Arizona, Oregon, another Texas school, and one in my home state of California.  My own town of San Francisco? Our Lowell high school made it to 68 with others public high schools coming in at 719, 863 and 1258.  And no, I’m not moving to Texas. 

Where do your local schools rank? Check out the entire list here.