An Ad for a Feminine Hygiene Product Uses the V-Word, Gets Panties in a Bunch (VIDEO)

Carefree 'Actifresh'
Yeah, I just said "vagina," bitches

How many commercials have you seen for tampons and pads in the course of your life? Easily hundreds, right? Now think back and try to count all of the times you’ve heard the word “vagina” and/or “discharge” in those commercials. Maybe . . . never, right?

It makes no sense, since tampon and pad ads are all about vaginas and discharges. And yet, the words just aren’t actually said, they’re simply implied and understood. Apparently it’s also understood that no one, or not many people, actually wants to hear those words as they apply to tampons, pads and vaginas and discharge.

Which is why a commercial that utters those words has ruffled a few feathers, gotten some panties in a bunch and generally grossed out a whole bunch of people, according to The Huffington Post. New Zealand’s Advertising Standard’s Bureau got a whole bunch of complaints after the ad aired over yonder earlier this week, even though statistics show more women want to hear frank talk about their bodies.

Does the ad upset your gentle sensibilities, or do you say it’s about time a feminine hygiene commercial acknowledges something other than blue liquid is absorbed in said product and via something other than a science lab beaker? Take a look:

Photo & Video credit: YouTube

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