An Early Christmas Present from Me: Everybody (Make a Toot) Video

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That's how you make a toot!

We all know using Facebook can be annoying, pointless and even addicting.  But occasionally I’ll come across something in one of my friend’s feeds that makes me realize Mark Zuckerberg’s true genius.  (Even if he is responsible for the death of the Christmas card.)

Yes, more and more people are sending “holiday e-greetings” now, which is how I came across the hilarious and creative video I’ve pasted below.  It features the children of a friend of a friend and is extremely well-edited, upping the ante on all home videos from this point forward.

Billed as “Brooklyn-based rapper/toddler,” 3-year-old Violet E.W. looks poised to take 2011 by storm with her mad drumming skills, fierce vocals and electrifying use of jingle bells.  Her latest track, Everybody (Make a Toot) – which the wunderkind wrote herself – makes a surprising lyrical shift at the 1:22 mark, and E.W.’s incorporation of the toy piano is reminiscent of early Tori Amos.  Where E.W. proves she’s truly cutting-edge, though, is in her addition of backup vocals sung by a baby.  What a visionary.  

Expect great things from this artist… as soon as she’s potty trained.  Her Dad, Thom Woodley, is a “musician and a video guy.”  He’s the creator of several web shows, including The Burg, The Allfornots, All’s Faire and Greg & Donny.

Via Michael Cyril Creighton

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