An Idea Whose Time Has, Uh, Come: 50 Shades of Grey — THE MUSICAL

50 Shades of Grey - THE MUSICAL
Do you smell a future Tony winner?

If, in your boring life as a plain housewife you’ve dreamed of being sexually abused, then 50 Shades of Grey — THE MUSICAL is what you’ve been waiting for (that, and this, too, probably).

It was inevitable, right, that there’d be music to go along with the greatest selling Kindle book of all time? After all, don’t you think BROADWAY! every time you think of BDSM (or just a few blocks west of Broadway, anyway)?

Here’s 50 Shades of Grey — THE MUSICAL. It’s not as discreet as the version on your Kindle, but then again, it’s really fun for the whole family (that is, if your whole family is over 18 and doesn’t get skeeved out at the idea of discussing anything pornographic in each other’s company):

Source: BuzzFeed

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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