An iPad 2, an iPad 2! My Kidney for an iPad 2!

iPad 2
A teen in China sold a kidney to buy an iPad 2

It’s hardly news that kids (not to mention plenty of adults) crave the newest, fastest and hottest technology. Like, right now. But when a kid goes to extraordinary lengths to acquire the newest, fastest and hottest technology, however, it occasionally becomes news.

A 17-year-old boy in China literally sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPad 2. I’d call that news.

He wanted Apple’s latest tablet so badly that he searched the internet to find a buyer. He found one willing to pony up the equivalent of $3,400 for his kidney, or enough for nearly seven iPad 2’s.

The boy didn’t tell his family about his plans and traveled from his home in the eastern Anhui province to a hospital in Chenzou in Hunan province. The operation was performed “under the supervision of a kidney-selling agent.”

He later arrived back home with an iPad 2 and an iPhone, not to mention a deep red scar. His mom noticed his new purchases and become suspicious, which is when he confessed. They went back to Chenzou to report the crime, but surprisingly, the kidney-selling agent’s number had been disconnected.

The hospital denied it had any part in the dirty deed.

No word on whether the mom let her son keep his new toys, but after what he went through, I certainly hope he still has them.

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