Angry Birds Game Online via Chrome? Both Good and Bad News for Parents

Angry Birds is now online thanks to Google Chrome.

You know the game Angry Birds, right? If you have an iPhone, it’s probably one of your apps. Well now, thanks to Google Chrome, you don’t have to play it on your iPhone. You can also play it online.

And I’m kinda torn about the whole deal. After all, at best, it’s a guilty pleasure I share with my 9-year-old. But at worst? There’s now another platform the game can rob me of valuable time. Not to mention the fact that now that it’s available online, it will give my daughter yet another reason to want the computer.

Still, I suppose it should come as no surprise. Angry Birds are popping up in more and more places. (They’re even taking the form of cupcakes and pizzas, as I recently learned from an incredible slideshow on Babble.) So it only seems logical that they would be available online at some point.

And according to, that time is now. Just last year, playing Angry Birds on Chrome would have been impossible. But thanks to recent improvements of Chrome OS, it’s not only possible, it’s actually happening. Angry Birds is already available for free download at Chrome’s web store.

And, honestly? I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I like Angry Birds as much as the next guy. And I even like that it’s a game I share with my daughter. As silly as it is, it’s a common denominator of sorts, and I like any and all common denominators which involve my family.

But that common denominator will undoubtedly ramp up the demand for the computer, and I’m not so excited about that. (It makes me laugh to remember that the phone was what we fought over when I was growing up…) She’s already on it quite a bit for school. There are also a handful of gaming sites we let her visit.

Once she finds out that Angry Birds is online, I’m sure that she’ll beg for us to download it. And, I’m sure we’ll eventually do just that.

After all, those damn birds, mad though they clearly are, are also kinda cute, no?

Do you and or your child like Angry Birds? Will you be playing online?

Image: Wikipedia

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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