Angry Birds Halloween Seasons "Ham'O'Ween" Intros New Bird! (Video)

Angry Birds Halloween Hamoween new bird
Angry Birds Hamoween adds new bird

Angry Birds offers up Halloween fun, with not just a new “Angry Birds Seasons” offering, but a fun video called “Ham’O’Ween,” introducing the newest Angry Bird.

Your little Angry Birds fans are going to love this one!

In the video episode, the Angry Birds enjoy their trick or treating loot and stumble upon a new little bird.

As the pigs bring their trick or treat baskets to the big pig, the new bird, who has been munching on candy in a bucket, mistakenly gets carried to the big pig as well, so the birds go to save him.

That new birdie loves candy, it seems, as he fights over a piece with the pig and we find out what makes him special — he can really blow up and knock down structures!

Ham’O’Ween for Angry Birds Seasons has 30 levels of Halloween themed fun. The update is free if you already have Angry Birds Seasons or you can buy it for $.99 for iPhone users and $1.99 for iPad users.