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Another 10-Year-Old Tasered

By jeannesager |

taserJust based on the stories piling up here on Strollerderby, we have come to one conclusion: the cops love them some Tasers. And some underage kids.

Specifically in the same place. Another cop has been accused of tasing a ten-year-old child, this time in Pueblo. Colo.

The foster child had allegedly thrown a landscape timber at the cop and threatened him with a pipe. But remember, this child was ten years old. And after an Arkansas mom allowed a cop to use a taser on her ten-year-old daughter last month, the officer was fired and the FBI moved in to investigate.

What part of that did the cops in Pueblo miss? Even worse, the boy apparently ran from cops holding a two-foot pipe. Which hardly sounds like a menacing child – it sounds like an afraid one, even if he was damaging property when cops were called.

Kids can get in legal trouble, but the dangers of tasing can be long range, especially on a developing body. Is it time for federal regulations?

Image: hermanturnip via flickr

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10 thoughts on “Another 10-Year-Old Tasered

  1. Stefanie Boe says:

    There is more to the story—-the foster dad said he supports the deputy who did it.. then the foster family took the kid back. He’s home, they forgave him for destroying their home. They’re amazing.. most people would have kicked the kid to the curb. Remember an 8 yr old in AZ killed his dad and his dad’s friend last year. Some kids are capable of real violence. As the sheriff said—no one wants to tase a 10 year old… the kid was out of control. My guess is he learned it all from his parents.. obviously the parents are out of the picture now.. what did they do to him? He learned this somewhere. We need more foster parents who are willing to step up and say they will do what it takes to save a kid from going over the edge and never coming back. I actually live in the city where this happened.

  2. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Old and busted: Scared Straight. New hotness: Shocked Straight.

  3. ConcernedParent says:

    The cops are really going to have to step it up if they want to break the record for youngest age tasered. Find another 6 year old to taser fellas!


  4. kristen h says:

    I get so angry when I read about stuff like this. Tasers are not meant to be used to force compliance, they are the “less deadly” alternative to a gun, to be used only in the event that a life is in danger. Now that cops have a shortcut for forcing an individual to submit to their will, they bust out the taser whenever they feel their authority is challenged. A ten year old destroying property? Hardly an excuse for a tasing. If they didn’t have the taser, would they have shot him? And as far as the foster dad supporting it, what a douche. Is property really worth possibly killing or irreparably harming a child? Maybe that kid would be better off “kicked to the curb”.

  5. Bluster says:

    Tasers are available on the open market nowadays, with some stipulations. What is the official reaction going to be when a parent uses a taser on her/his child to discipline it for similiar activities? How will the police react to that?? Oh, sure.

  6. Laure68 says:

    When I first heard this story, I questioned why the parents would call the police in the first place. I imagine a child would have to be a physical danger to himself and those around him.

    I have never been in law enforcement, so I can’t really judge. However, to those of you who think they shouldn’t have used the taser, what do you think they should have done. His foster parents obviously could not physically control him. If the cops physically restrained him, he may have suffered injuries anyway.

    Again, I’m not saying they were right or wrong. I wasn’t there, and can’t make a judgement. I hate to think of a child ever having to be tasered, but I wonder if he was about to hurt himself.

  7. [...] Police in Pueblo, CO tasered a ten year old boy last week. The boy had run away from police and got himself in a neighbors yard wedged between a fence and a boat and refused to come out. Because, as police said, the area was too tight to get him with pepper spray they tazed him instead. Police officials said the patrolman had used all proper procedures and was justified in his actions. [...]

  8. Jordan says:

    Daniel Biby is PRESSING CHARGES against the boy, stephanie…What are you talking about?? Daniel Biby should be investigated 719 547 9682

  9. Carlos says:

    Who the hell calls the cops for help? That LAST thing I’d ever do is INVITE a pig into my house to “help” me. YOU could end up being the one whose life he decides to take because he felt like his authority was being challenged.

  10. edro says:

    let me get this straight. Its ok to get the cops to TAZER!!?? my kid but I can get in trouble for spanking them? WTF?!

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