Another 10-Year-Old Tasered


taserJust based on the stories piling up here on Strollerderby, we have come to one conclusion: the cops love them some Tasers. And some underage kids.

Specifically in the same place. Another cop has been accused of tasing a ten-year-old child, this time in Pueblo. Colo.

The foster child had allegedly thrown a landscape timber at the cop and threatened him with a pipe. But remember, this child was ten years old. And after an Arkansas mom allowed a cop to use a taser on her ten-year-old daughter last month, the officer was fired and the FBI moved in to investigate.

What part of that did the cops in Pueblo miss? Even worse, the boy apparently ran from cops holding a two-foot pipe. Which hardly sounds like a menacing child – it sounds like an afraid one, even if he was damaging property when cops were called.

Kids can get in legal trouble, but the dangers of tasing can be long range, especially on a developing body. Is it time for federal regulations?

Image: hermanturnip via flickr

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