Another Boston Tragedy: Police Officer Shot at MIT



Boston did not need more tragedy this week, but very late at night on Thursday a police officer was shot and killed at the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The BBC reported that, “witnesses in nearby Watertown report hearing explosions and gunfire amid a massive police hunt for the gunman.” And it’s a threat that MIT and Boston is taking seriously and that the situation is “extremely dangerous.”

The city of Boston, still reeling from the Boston Marathon Bombings, is on high alert. But what’s fascinating is how quick Twitter users reacted to the news. Each minute hundreds of tweets about the incident were being sent out, without much in the way of facts or info. One big assumption that people seem to be making is linking the shooting at MIT, the explosions in Watertown and the Boston Marathon bombings, and in the  middle of the night on Thursday, there just aren’t enough facts to warrant putting those pieces together. But at the end of the day, as it stands now, another loss of life by way of violence is not what Boston needed, no matter how it happened.

Photo Source: iStockPhoto

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