Another Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge: 'I Got My Kid a Horrible Back-to-School Outfit' (VIDEO)

I Got My Kid A Horrbile Back to School Outfit
A brown paper bag was probably not what this kid had in mind

Ask any kid: Back-to-school outfits are no joke. Right or wrong, when you’re a kid, who you are to your classmates is often only as good as what you wear. The first day of school is when you have a chance to set the tone for the entire year.

If you’re a kid and your parents watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, however, you might just have been screwed on the first day of school this year. That’s because he challenged parents to buy their kids a horrible back-to-school outfits and videotape their reactions after they tried them on and then upload the results to YouTube.

The results are hilarious. Unless, of course, you’re one of the kids who got stuck with one of these outfits on the first day of school:

Source: Yahoo Shine

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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