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Another Pregnant Man Prepares for Birth

By Madeline Holler |

scott-moore-and-familyHow’d this guy’s pregnancy stay under wraps for so long?

The world’s second known pregnant man, Scott Moore, is preparing to give birth for the first time next month.

He and his partner, Thomas, are excited to add another boy to their family, which already includes Thomas’s sons Logan, 10, and Gregg, 12. The couple adopted the boys from Thomas’s ex-girlfriend, their mother.

Baby Miles will be the third child born to a man. Thomas Beattie, the world’s first pregnant man, gave birth a second time last year.

Scott, born Jessica, and Thomas, born Laura, are California residents and are legally married since Scott has retained his birth certificate, which lists him as a girl. Both men have undergone surgeries and hormone treatments to undergo sex transformation. The two met several years ago at a support group for transgendered people.

The two dads expect this son will be teased too, but they’re obviously used to dealing with mean kids.

From, Thomas says:

“We’ve been through it already. My son Logan was bullied but now he just says to teasers: ‘You may have a problem with my two dads but I don’t so you’re not hurting me’. … We want to show the world that trans-families can be healthy, loving and nurturing.”


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26 thoughts on “Another Pregnant Man Prepares for Birth

  1. Lisa says:

    Biologically, he’s a she and this is just a woman having a baby whatever her gender identity is.

    Stop confusing people by telling them a man is having a baby. Even if he wants us to call him a him, he still has a uterus, X chromosomes and he is a she.

  2. Amber says:

    Lisa: Gender and sex are two different things; sex is biological, but gender is a sociological construction. It’s not incorrect to call this man a man, even if he is biologically female. Even biology isn’t as clear cut as you seem to want to believe: individuals can be born with both male and female reproductive organs (intersex), and sometimes hormone insensitivity or other disorders can lead to XY females (as was recently an issue in the olympics) or XX males.

    Gender and sex and reproduction are tied together in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways, and that’s what makes articles like this newsworthy.

  3. Lisa says:

    Amber, she has a uterus.

  4. Lee says:

    Virtually all individuals with intersex conditions are either sterile or infertile.

  5. jenny tries too hard says:

    This person is clearly a woman with a mastectomy and facial hair…and a freaking uterus. Not exactly odd that this person is pregnant. If Scott Moore were intersex it would be a MUCH bigger story.

  6. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    If this person identifies as male, who am I to say he is otherwise? Congrats to him and his partner. They look like a loving family.

  7. Lisa says:

    That’s nice Mistress Scorpio but can we stop pretending this is a medical breakthrough?

  8. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Who’s pretending it’s a medical breakthrough? He identifies as a man, he’s pregnant and we usually congratulate newly pregnant people. It’s called MANNERS.

  9. jenny tries too hard says:

    Yeah, we usually congratulate our pregnant friends, relatives and neighbors. People who decide against scientific reason to pronounce themselves the second pregnant man, not so much.

  10. Missy says:

    This is like saying a woman who suffered from Breast Cancer and had a double mastectomy is now considered a “pregnant man” I think this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don’t care if he identifies as a man and lives as a man etc. he is in fact a WOMAN and there is nothing news worthy about a pregnant woman is there. Any one who thinks this is amazing needs to get out of underneath the rock they live under and wake up. Also, what are we teaching our children…we are now showing them that men can have babies, which is NOT TRUE! I was irritated when the 1st “pregnant man” came around because it is just a publicity stunt that these low lifes come up with!

  11. AC says:

    This may sound harsh but if you choose to live your life as a man, well do that. Me can’t have babies. I fully believe some people’s gender and sex do not match up. However, if after what I’m sure was a very hard and thought out decision you decide to change genders it should be something you stick with. If they wanted a child bad enough why not adopt?

  12. Bec says:

    Hey AC, do you use that “why not adopt” line when you meet heterosexuals who used IVF? I realize that those couples didn’t choose infertility, but honestly, neither did the transgendered people choose to be transgendered.

  13. jenny tries too hard says:

    Um, it’s awful hard to say that Scott Moore didn’t choose to be transgendered in such a way that it’s possible to convince people that he is a “pregnant man.” If he was just a man in a woman’s body, he would’ve gone for a full-scale reassignment or at the very least chosen not to get pregnant. Men don’t get pregnant.

  14. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    “Men don’t get pregnant.”
    Says you and Lisa and everyone else who wants to deny this man the right to self-identify. Of course they couldn’t get married without the one remaining biologically female, but I just that just chalks up to they can’t have it both ways, eh? That knapsack really never gets heavy…

  15. She is not a He says:

    Um, she’s not a man. I can cut off my arm and have it grafted to my nose, but that won’t make me an elephant.

  16. jenny tries too hard says:

    Says freaking science, which apparently only matters when we’re talking Darwinism. His gender identity and preference not withstanding, Scott Moore has a uterus, two X chromosomes and I’m assuming at least one other rather feminine attribute. I respect Scott Moore’s choice to live with Thomas and raise children, would support a civil marriage for their family but I don’t support redifining the word “man” to include people who can get pregnant and give birth.

    On the plus side, though, this is someone who can quite safely avoid that whole breast-vs-bottle debate, right?

  17. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    It never, ever gets heavy.

  18. JC says:

    That’s not a Man, That’s a woman pretending to be a man. It’s still a woman regardless of what one thinks because of Genetics and DNA. The only known male species that can get pregnant is a Sea horse and s Sea dragon.

  19. e says:

    I love you Mistress Scorpio!

  20. transman says:

    I am a transman who is legally married with 1 child left at home. I see both sides of this coin. However, I am not okay with the whole pregnant man agenda here! I understand if they want to have a child but why go public? Most people would never question a man’s big belly. It misrepresents the majority of transmen. Like most men, most of us have no desire to give birth! My wife has fertility issues but there is no way I would ever consider going that route! If this is for the purpose of education than the correct thing to say is pregnant transsexual man not pregnant man. Men including transman who take their hormones can not get pregnant. In my opion this doesn’t educate the public it adds more confussion to the mix. I hope it stops here.

  21. Kylie says:

    So…another pregnant WOMAN prepares for birth. Get real people! It doesn’t matter which gender this individual choses to identify with. This “man” has female reproductive organs and is biologically a woman. It is not as if an individual with male reproductive organs is having a baby.

  22. Betsy says:

    God created humans to be male and female. God created the male and female sexual reproductive organs to together carry out the beautiful act of creating life. Look at nature. Males and females of all species are attracted to each other and form pairs for many reasons especially sexual ones. God intended for male and female to be together. This intent can be seen throughout all of creation. Society should treat lesbianism and transgenderism as the psychological disorders that they are! God does not create and individual and then place them in the wrong body. If you were born a woman God wants you to be a woman!

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  24. Property says:

    “The worlds second known pregnant man” is ridiculous. Anyone involved in trans and queer politics knows that trans guys have been having babies for years.. It happens all the time.

  25. Catheegurl says:

    I think everyone should be supported for wanting to have children but I agree that congratulating him on being a pregnant man is not only incorrect but can be confusing for their children. Nature is what it is and no amount of drugs or surgery can change that.

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