Busy Parent Briefing: Another Shocker - Casey Anthony Will Be Released Next Week

Casey Anthony should not profit new Facebook page.
Casey Anthony Will Be Released Next Week

We were all shocked when Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. We were all shocked when the judgment was handed down that she would only be convicted of lying. And now we are all in shock yet again with the news that Casey Anthony will be a free woman and out of prison next week.

Casey Anthony will be released on Wednesday, July 13th.  As expected, Casey was sentenced to four years in prison for her fibbing. But she has already been behind bars for about three years, which is being considered as credit for time served, and with good behavior, she is being released far sooner than most expected.

But don’t you think it would have been better for all if she had stayed behind bars longer? Not just for a wee bit more justice being served but for Casey Anthony’s own safety. By next week emotions will still be high with the media and passionate trial watchers searching her out for some kind of real answer; real answers we’ll probably never get.

Does it upset you that she’ll be out so soon?

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