Another Viral Video Spin Off: Stuff Parents Say (Video)

Stuff Parents Say

First there was “Sh*t Girls Say,” “Sh*t Single Girls Say,” “Sh*t Asian Girls Say,” and so on, and so on. It has spread like wildfire. And now there is Stuff Parents Say. As Buzzfeed said, “There’s a reason it’s not called Sh*t Parents Say. Because moms and dads don’t use that kind of language around their kids.”

The collection of quotes include:

“Go take the trash out.”
“Don’t put your elbows on the table.”
“Do you pay the bills in this house?”
and “You are not going out dressed like this.”

But it gets disturbing when there is a scene where the “parent” hits a sleeping kid with a belt. A disturbing image for sure, that coincides with the “The reason I beat you is because I love you.” This seemed to have crossed the line, it could have remained all silly and funny instead of delving into the issues of child abuse.

If you’d like to check out “Stuff Parents Say” you can check it out right here:



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