Antici...............pation: Glee Takes On Rocky Horror

The rocky horror glee show
The rocky horror glee show

Tonight, my kids will see their favorite Glee stars dance the Time Warp. They’ll learn some embarrassing things about their mom, too. Like, I know all  the steps to that dance. And can’t help shouting at the TV while it’s playing.

Hot on the heels of their scandalous GQ photo shoot, the Glee stars will be strutting their stuff in a Rocky Horror themed episode. Is this show getting too sexy? Do we care?

I’ll Time Warp with the kids the same way I rock out with them listening to Lady Gaga. Every time they put on ridiculous costumes and jump around to “Telephone”, I think of the hours my sister and I spent lip syncing “Material Girl” with our mom.

Some things are just too much fun to resist.

My parents went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show in the theaters when my mother was pregnant with me. They loved it for the naughty, silly adult film it is. Of course they were mildly scandalized when I fell in love with Rocky Horror as a teen, along with all my friends. Likewise, I’ll be good-naturedly horrified if my 16-year-old comes home humming Rocky Horror tunes after this week’s Glee.

None of that stops me from wanting to share it with my girls. They’re Gleeks; watching Glee is one of the few pop culture things we share.

And Rocky Horror has this enduring appeal that transcends cultural trends and good taste. Underneath the lingerie, four-letter audience participation and racy song lyrics, it’s always felt like good clean fun to me.

Tomorrow I’ll worry about whether or not Glee is sexing it up too much. I’ve got years (their whole lives really) to wonder if my kids are overexposed to sexy media. Tonight, we’ll do the Time Warp.

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