Apple Drops 'Gay Cure' App from iTunes

Apple has given a controversial app the boot from its iTunes roster

Apple can fly its rainbow colors with pride once again.

After an app went on sale in iTunes by a religious group that claimed it could “heal” homosexuality, Apple has pulled it from their virtual shelves, saying it violated their policy by “being offensive to large groups of people.”

Nearly 150,000 people signed a petition in protest of the app, which was created by Exodus International. The religious group claims they “help” gay people through teachings in the Bible. However, Apple’s guidelines say inappropriate hate speech are in violation of their practices.

The senior director of church equipping and student ministries for Exodus International told Fox News the app had nothing to do with trying to cure anyone.

“It’s being touted as a gay cure app, and nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. “We present a redemptive, Biblical world view on sexuality … it’s a message of love and acceptance of those that are struggling with same-sex attraction.”

The app receive hundreds of “ratings” on iTunes that spoke to the controversy:

“Why is Apple offering apps from a hate group? What next, Apple? An offering from the Klan?” said one commenter.

“Exodus is not motivated by hate. But rather with a desire to train and educate people with a biblical perspective,” said another.

Do you think the app should have remained in iTunes?