Applebee's Throws Out Family with Rowdy Kids: Did They Overreact?


800px-Applebee'sI cannot count how many times I have been at a restaurant and seen a child acting up in some way. I’ve seen crying, screaming, and full-blown tantrums, but in not one of those cases have I witnessed a family being thrown out of an establishment.

One family in Texas wasn’t so lucky. Ryan and Ethan Gau took their two children, ages 3 and 1, to their local Applebee’s for a Sunday supper. When the children were disruptive, the family was asked to leave. The Gaus reportedly felt “heartbroken” and “disrespected.” And that’s not all — Applebee’s felt it necessary to call the police. When the family left, they were greeted by the local sheriff warning them of “criminal trespassing” and telling them they had to leave the property.

The Gau family was, of course, shocked. Wouldn’t any family be in this scenario? “They’re kind of active,” one of their parents said of their children. “They act like children. They’re not adults.” And this isn’t some five-star highfalutin eatery; it has a very casual “family-friendly” atmosphere and is a place where it wouldn’t be surprising to find families eating with the occasional outburst.

Thankfully, Applebee’s has apologized for their staff’s overreaction and invited the family back for a free meal to make up for the mishandling of the situation. But the Gaus aren’t going for it. The damage has been done. I wouldn’t return to a restaurant that treated my family like that. Would you?

Photo Source: Wiki Commons/Afl2784

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