April Fools! YouTube Goes Back to 1911, Google Gives Us Motion, Kelly Family Gives Us Pee-Pee

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Now sending emails is a great way to get some exercise, thanks to Gmail Motion!

Good morning, all!  Listen, despite being a comedian, I’m not super into April Fools pranks, because my whole life pretty much feels like one cruel joke.  What I do love, though, is a clever Internet campaign, and Google never fails to come up with something great on April 1st each year.  This year they unveiled Gmail Motion.  “With it, you’ll be able to start writing and responding to emails with your body in no time.”  Just follow the simple chart to the left and your emails will be more expressive and ergonomic in no time!

YouTube uploaded a short video containing five funny parodies of their biggest viral hits as they’d have been filmed in 1911.  The top comment on the video so far reads, “You know you watch too many youtube videos when you can identify where all these videos are based off.  Hahaha.”  In other words, if you have tweens or teens, they’ll love the references to Keyboard Cat (Flugelhorn Feline) and The Annoying Orange (The Irksome Citrus).

One video I came across this morning that actually looks like a joke but isn’t is called “Ain’t Gonna Pee-Pee My Bed Tonight” by the Kelly Family.  CoEd Magazine writes, “Say what you will about the freakish, cult-like, American expat singing sensation The Kelly Family, but they’ve sold over 20 million albums world wide.  Once you get past the polio dance and and the creepy Father Time figure, this song has an incredibly focused and important message.”  Truth.  If (like me) you’ve got a kid who likes to pee-pee the bed, you’re gonna wanna make this your new family anthem.

And it features a girl at tops age 6 doing an amazing Joe Cocker impression.  Check it out:

Also check out Gmail Motion and YouTube 1911.

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