Are Bloggers Still Storytellers?


It was a slow day at my job way back in 2003 when someone I followed on a forum posted a link to a blog by a woman named GetupGrrl. I’d heard of blogs, of course, but mostly the kind that ranted about politics. I hadn’t seen the vast world of women that were blogging, that were telling their stories in wrenching and amazing detail. Some made me laugh until I cried, and some just made me cry.

In those days, most bloggers were anonymous. This allowed for a kind of sweeping freedom to be incredibly honest. But soon those same women wanted to be recognized for their writing, and anonymity went the way of paying gigs and sponsored content.

I read this post by Allie Gray Freeland about her experience at the NMX Conference (formerly BlogWorld) and the art of storytelling:

Though the nomenclature of the session titles did not indicate this, common answer was met throughout the conference. Contrary to others’ belief of typing blog posts until your fingers bleed and you get noticed, there might be a missing link to your content and blogging strategy that may get you or your business found in the diluted space of the Internet: be a storyteller.

Read the whole article. She has some really great writing advice.

I asked tonight on Twitter, are bloggers still storytellers?


But I think my friend Rudy said it best.

What do you think?

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