Are Legos Having a Moment? Lego Moleskine Notebooks and Lego Lord of the Rings

lego, moleskine, lego notebook
I think this Moleskine notebook proves it: Legos are officially trendy.

Legos have been a staple of childhood play since the 60’s, but have they actually become trendy? The Lego brand has certainly received a lot of press lately, what with the uproar caused by their pastel Lego Friends line. I knew Legos were a favorite of tech types, and all things nerdy are legitimately cool, but I can’t say I wasn’t surprised when I heard that “Moleskine will be releasing a limited edition collection of LEGO-themed notebooks on March 1st,” according to Technabob.

I also learned today, via Buzzfeed, that Lego plans to release a Lord of the Rings play set this summer. Buzzfeed called the Lego Gollum “the creepiest thing ever.” Take a look:

lego gollum, lego lotr
My precious, precious Legos...

Lego does have a webpage dedicated to the LOTR collection, but there’s not much on it. Buzzfeed has more pics if you’re interested. What’s next? Lego teaming with Apple to create a Lego iPhone?

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