Are We Taking Too Many Photos of Our Kids?


file5361243993534The holiday season is here which means that the kids are home, we’re celebrating with all our family  — and we will be taking lots and lots of photos. Nine out of ten times (and that is a totally unofficial estimate), these photos will be of the kids. The one photo out of ten that isn’t of our offspring ,will be of our Christmas tree or what we had for dinner. But the main subject of our photo taking will be our precious sons and daughters.

While we may think we are just capturing memories via our digital cameras, tablets and iPhones, we may actually harming our children psychologically. According to some, our kids are at risk of developing an inflated ego and a feeling that they are the “center of the universe.”

“We need to keep track of what values we are communicating by taking the picture and posting and distributing the picture,” says Judith Myers-Walls, a professor emeritus of human development and family studies at Purdue University to the Today Show.

“Are you taking a picture of the child and not as a family as a whole? They might think they are the center of the universe.”

And while “taking pictures and (having) lots of pictures of kids is going to enrich their autobiographical memory,” as Alain Morin,an associate psychology professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta explains, it can lead some to be “exceedingly self-focused.”

I’ve seen many a child who have a very keen interest in their image, from begging for their photo to be taken, taking their own “selfies” and passing the time looking through pictures of themselves. My own daughter is not that kid. She is on a photo strike. Whenever I try to take her image she will either run, duck out of the frame, or make a funny face. Thankfully, this seems to say that she doesn’t want to be the center of the universe, she’s content just being in it. But as a mom, I would like to have more photos of my daughter, but perhaps in the long run I shouldn’t worry about it that much. I do get the occasional photo of the sly, we have real life memories, and best of all, she isn’t in danger of having an ego that is far bigger than it should be.

Are your kids obsessed with their photo image? Are you guilty of taking too many photos of your children?

Photo Source: Morgue Files



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