Are You a Mom With Klout? (You Should Be)


I’m guessing that most of y’all are on Facebook at this point, and many of you are using Twitter and LinkedIn. A lot of you are probably also bloggers, as I am. In other words, you have a public voice that we moms never had before social media entered our lives, and this allows all of us some amazing opportunities to get the word out about issues and topics that matter to us as parents and as individuals.

Figuring out how to amplify your social media voice in a way that reaches the most people can be tricky. Which bloggers should you add to your own blogroll? Whom should you follow on Twitter? Well, here’s a neat-o tip for navigating social media spheres of influence, giving you the info you need to spread the word about your political concerns, your terrific blogging, or even your Etsy shop or other online business venture.

The easiest and most accurate way I’ve found to figure out who is connected to whom online, and whether someone’s online audience is one that might be a good fit for your own interests is via a free online service called Klout. Klout allows you to enter your own social media “handles” (like your Twitter @name) and see how far your own influence reaches across several specific measures. Here’s my own Klout profile. After you are entered into the system, you can then compare your Klout “score” with others in your own social media area of interest, and get a detailed analysis of ways you could improve your own reach and influence. For bloggers, Klout is a great tool for growing readership. If you are passionate about a cause, or if you have a business online, Klout will help you draw people to your messages far more effectively.

Plus, let’s face it. It’s just kind of fun to mess with Klout. We all have a little competitive streak, don’t we 😉 ?

So if you aren’t using Klout, check it out. If you are, tell me how you are using it. What’s your score? And oh yeah, be sure to go enter Babble’s “Moms With Clout” contest for a chance to win a new iPad.


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