Are You A Woman Mac User? Apparently, You're "Pretty Hot, If Awkwardly Dressed"


Seriously, people. This infographic is effed up.

It’s mildly entertaining, perhaps, to profile the women that use Apple products. You know, consider the work they do, how much they make each year, or where they go on vacation.

However, it’s frankly rather offensive if the profile of women Mac users focuses exclusively on the physical attributes and wardrobe of said women.

Even worse when the result of the profiles is the following quote from the VP of Marketing at BlueStacks, who created this infographic:

“It turns out the average Mac user is pretty hot, if awkwardly dressed. We felt like mad scientists putting her together these past two months.”

WTF, people. Really? Here’s the infographic. Two months to create? Sheesh.

Hat tip to The Next Web for this one.




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