Are You Addicted to Email?

Put dog's annoyed expression on kid and/or spouse. I know you've seen it!

At some point in 2009, I caved and bought an iPhone. That was the event that pushed the toothpaste out of the tube, the point at which email took over my life!

I was reflecting on that as I read this article. Up until the double-edged accessory that gives me 24/7 access to the web and thus, to work, I had some pretty strong boundaries. Once I picked up the kids, I was on full-time mommy duty — laptop tucked away until they were tucked in bed. When we were at a park/playground/soccer game — I really was at the park/playground/soccer game, regardless of what pressing deadline loomed because, well, I just didn’t really have a choice.

But on that fateful day, coming back from one of my TV segments, there was a deadline that I felt I couldn’t miss. I went straight from the station to the AT&T store and within an hour was all set up. So now, I’ve joined the 98% of workers who check their email during their “off” time. Yes, I guiltily admit that I’m one of the 63% that check their email every one or two hours when they are away from their “office.” I wonder how many people check their email every 10 minutes?! I’m not saying that’s me… or anything.

It’s the game I play with myself. If I don’t check it, I won’t stress about what’s waiting for me in there. But then, I stress out about not checking it, because who knows what’s in there! Sigh.

Do you remember the days when there was no email? I ACTUALLY do. So there, all you young bloggers!

(Cue wavy flashback special effects.)

I was in college. There was no email. But my aunt, who worked at a university had this cool thing called a eudora account and since I was at a university too, we could use it to exchange notes through computers. Of course, I didn’t have a personal computer and this required that I go to the computer lab in the basement in the engineering school, where only the hard-core programmers lived. We called them the moles — because they never saw the light of day. But I did it a few times to see what it was all about but then realized I could um, just call her. You know, on the phone. Yes, it was a landline… with a cord… attached to a wall.

My first “real” email account was with Juno and a dial-up modem. This must have been post-1996 since I already lived in St. Louis. But seriously, if I checked that thing once a week, it was a lot. Ah, those were the days.

It’s 2012. Let’s make our own poll, shall we? I even made a graphic. I asked our diligent group of MomCrunchers…

How many of you actually have days and times when you are officially “clocked out?”
How many of you check emails from the playground?
…from the doctor’s office?
…while checking out at Target?
…before you eat breakfast?
…before you go to the bathroom?!

The evidence is rather incriminating, don’t you think? Addicts, the lot of us. What about you? There’s probably a support group somewhere. Or, a private Facebook page. Or, a Meetup. Or a listserv….

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