Are You An Absentee Mom At The Park? (VIDEO)


Ok… time to ‘fess up.  When you take your kids to the park, do you actually keep an eye on them?  Or are you the mom who opens the car doors, shoos your small people out, sighs with relief and collapses on to the park bench hoping no one can see you for at least the next hour?

Now naturally, I recognize your ability to do this will depend on your children’s ages…. you certainly can’t completely ignore an infant or toddler, but I have definitely seen some parents try.

And I also know the older your child is, the more independence they require, so you may need to fall back… but I’m confused by parents who seem to disappear all together.  Especially when it often seems to be the children who need the most parenting with moms and dads who have managed to camouflage themselves at the park.


More thoughts in the video…

What is your experience at the park?

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