Are You Getting Any? Alone Time, That Is!

Are You Getting Any? Alone Time, That Is! via Babble
Have you ever pretended to be sick just to get some alone time?

One of the biggest adjustments that any new mother makes is the immediate and often harsh loss of her alone time. Ironically, when you have a newborn, you might get more although you’ll be too sleep deprived to enjoy it. But once the kids start walking and talking, kiss that peacefulness goodbye. Depending on the mother and child, the constant chaos, noise, screaming, or honestly even just non-stop talking is too much for many moms to handle over a long period of time.

Out of necessity, moms find creative ways to grab that alone time whenever and however they can. Here are some ways friends have admitted to doing it:

—hiding in the bathroom

—lying about working late and grabbing a drink alone

—feigning sickness

—putting kids to bed early (sometimes with the help of Tylenol)

—waking up early just to be alone


Tell us in the comments below: What is the most creative or downright crazy thing you have done to be alone? And how much do you miss your ‘me’ time?


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