Arrivals! Woman Gets Off Plane & Has Baby in Airport Bathroom

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Arrivals: Not Just the Plane But a Baby

There is a good reason why airlines don’t want you to fly on their planes when you are very, very pregnant they don’t want you to go and have that baby in the middle of the aisle.

Makes sense, so many airlines won’t let you fly with them if you are 30 to 7 days away from your due date. But sometimes, those babies just can’t wait and want to be born pronto. On rare occasions, a woman will go into labor and have their baby on the plane they are traveling on. And one woman who landed in Baltimore, Maryland almost joined that exclusive club.

Right after getting off a flight that arrived at the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport on Sunday, the mom-to-be went to a restroom in Concourse D and gave birth to a “healthy baby boy” on the floor of the bathroom. According to reports, an officer assisted in her deliver and soon after she was whisked off to the Baltimore Washington Medical Center.

Giving birth in an airport, on the floor of the bathroom, on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year? Now, that’s a trip of a lifetime.

Photo: Flickr – Blumbaum