The Weirdest Family Photos Ever


In German artist Paul Ripke’s photo series, kids are the parents and parents are the kids. The resulting effect—beards in onesies and pacifiers in business suits— is completely bizarre, slightly disturbing, and quite amusing.

Aside from being amazingly cool to look at, these images ask some bigger questions.In this child-centered age, parents are often judged for letting their lives revolve around their children.Where previous generations of children were given a finite place in a world defined by adults, this generation of kids is being raised in a world increasingly designed around kids’ needs, both physical and emotional. Whether or not this style of parenting benefits kids…or parents, is up for debate.

Ripke’s work seems to address this question, asking:

Just who is the parent here?




See more Ripke here.

Weird Kids: Is raising children unconventionally bad parenting?


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