Asleep at the Wheel: Adorable Toddler Takes a Snooze and a Spin (VIDEO)

Hilarious moment Adorable Child Falls Asleep While Driving Mini Car

There are some moments in life that are just too exciting to sleep through. Then there are those moments that are still pretty exciting, but you sleep through them anyway.

A little boy named Jonah didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take a joy ride in his miniature jeep, despite the fact that he was, apparently, exhausted. So he did what most kids would do — he just took a small nap while simultaneously driving the jeep. It might not have been the safest way to to enjoy passing the time in a moving vehicle, but you can’t knock the kid for his lack of crashing skills (other than his head into the steering wheel, that is).

If you never thought a toddler who falls asleep while driving a car could be charming without necessarily also being alarming, you need to watch this video:


Photo/video credit: YouTube

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