Astounding Video: Hero Dad Catches Autistic Girl Who Falls from Three Stories High


Astounding Video: Hero Dad Catches Autistic Girl Who Falls From Three Stories High via Babble

What would you do if you saw a child climb out on a window and dance on top of it … three stories above you?

One Brooklyn dad saw just that and acted fast, saving a little girl’s life.

The NY Daily News reports Steve St. Bernard, a 52-year-old an MTA bus driver, saw the 7-year-old autistic girl climb out the window through the accordion paneling on the side of an air conditioner in her family’s apartment in the Coney Island Houses.  Then she climbed on top of the air conditioner and began singing and dancing on top of it while people on the ground looked above in horror.

St. Bernard knew she would fall and positioned himself below the window in case she did while other onlookers called 911 and tried to get her to go back inside.

And just like that, the girl fell. St. Bernard managed to catch her.

“I just prayed that I’d catch her. I was right underneath her. I went over there to make sure if she fell I could catch her. I’m not a hero — anybody would have done it. I did it out of normal instincts.”

The girl’s head hit a bush but she was uninjured. St. Bernard suffered a torn tendon in his arm.


New York State law does not require window guards when air conditioners are placed in windows.

Image: NY Daily News

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