Astronauts Are Bringing Buzz Lightyear Back From Outer Space


buzz-lightyearBuzz Lightyear one of the stars of the classic Toy Story is returning from “infinity and beyond.”  A 12-inch action figure of the Pixar character has been living in the international space station Discovery for a little more than a year. 

NASA’s Mission Control instructed the crew to “make certain Buzz was safely stowed on the shuttle,” for the return back home. Since he’s been in residence, he’s been kept a ‘low profile’ but before heading home he’s been participating in a whole bunch of photo ops and film clips such as “Buzz going to sleep with an astronaut who lets go, causing the doll to float away and hit a wall, and Buzz flying through a chamber followed by a real spaceman.” The clips will be used in a NASA educational video for kids.

When Buzz returns he’ll be part of a ticker tape parade with the original Buzz, Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin. Welcome home Buzz Lightyear!


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