At this Shower They're All Bad Mothers


baby-showerYou know the old tried and true “make a book of advice” trick for the new mom? Oh that was so yesterday. The new must-have beside that diaper cake?

A list of the worst things you’ve ever done as a mother.

Called the Bad Mother shower, it is said to have its roots in Mexico, where moms gather round to make you feel better about yourself by telling you how much they suck. Kind of like that friend that always tells you “well if it makes you feel better. . . ” even though it really doesn’t.

It’s always nice to hear a little dose of reality rather than impossible expectations – hence our Bad Parent feature here on Babble. And when you’re terrified that you’re going to squash baby when you’re co-sleeping (unlikely) or sleep through their hungry screams (good luck with that), it wouldn’t hurt to know that you’re not the worst parent in the world (we could point you in that direction).

On the other hand – if you’re having your first baby, and you’ve got all the “best mothering examples” you know gathered around you, will knowing they royally screwed up give you more to worry about in the last few weeks before baby arrives?

Would you want your friends to throw a bad mother shower? Maybe just pick up the Bad Parent book.

Image: Grace Family via Flickr (very good mothers, we’re sure – just a random baby shower!)

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