Atlantis Found? A Mystery May be Solved - Will Our Kids Miss Out on the Myth?


Tales of Atlantis have been fodder for many a bedtime story for generations. When I was a kid, I loved to hear stories of the lost city. I had grand fantasies of someday searching it out and relishing in its’ riches ala Indiana Jones. But yeah, that didn’t happen. Still, the mystery of this land still holds a certain wonder, an allure, and an irresistible intrigue. And I’m passing this one to my kid. I’ve already piqued my 5-year-old daughter’s interest with stories about this forgotten land. But the existence and location of this fabled town may no longer be a mystery. Atlantis may have been found. Is this an end of an era? Yet another mystery solved that our kid’s won’t get to dream and wonder about?
On Sunday National Geographic aired a special entitled Finding Atlantis. Explorers believe they may have found evidence that not only did Atlantis actually exist but that it may be located beneath some marsh lands in southern Spain. There is speculation that the wealthy metropolis was wiped out by a very large tsunami. Again, showing the mighty power of mother nature and a timely reference to today.

A team of archeologists and geologists will do further excavations to try to get proof of Atlantis’ existence, to find answers to myth. Does part of you want some mysteries to keep being mysteries? Something that our children, and our children’s children can speculate about, dream about and wonder about?

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