Audio Interview: Christine Coppa


rattledSomewhat unexpectedly, my interview with Christine Coppa on BlogTalkRadio went in a Father’s Day direction. It was on her mind, and mine as well.

I mentioned here how my my father left when I was very young, and then died when I was 11. Something I only just thought about today was whether or not it would have been better if he hadn’t been around at all. The father of Christine’s son chose at an early age not to be in his life, and she was telling me that she was grateful for the men who are there for her little boy as male role models (her brother and father, her friends). I told her that I agreed that male role models were important, but also that I felt very strongly that the most important thing her son had was her. As someone who was raised by a single mother, I get very worked up when anyone (Ann Coulter) insults single parents. It’s a difficult thing to do, whether it’s a mom or a dad. And while dad’s are clearly important, that doesn’t mean that mom isn’t, nor does it mean that mom can’t do it on her own. Sure, it’s different. But that doesn’t make it bad.

Christine Coppa’s book is  Rattled!: A Memoir. She also wrote an essay for Babble called The Man Who Wasn’t There, and has a blog on called Storked!

Listen to my interview with Christine below (or click here if the embed doesn’t work):

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