Audio Tapes from 9/11 Released: Highlight Tragedy, Chaos (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Flickr: Peter J Bellis

The morning of September 11, 2001 was fraught with chaos, panic, confusion and pure terror.  And that is just how many of us, viewing the tragedy from a distance remember it.  But newly released audio recordings, 114 of them, paint the picture from the inside.  The recordings cover the experiences of many of those in the aviation space — the air traffic controllers, military officials, airline and fighter jet pilots — those who were desperately trying to make sense of the morning — those who were trying, and sometimes failing, to locate missing planes.

I think the images and the video from the days surrounding 9/11 are difficult enough to stomach.  Do we really need to hear the terror and scramble for understanding first hand?  For government officials…  for those charged with keeping us safe and protecting us from future attacks, I can see the value in understanding what has handled well and what was potentially confusing….  but from a purely voyeuristic stand-point?  The value is lost on me.

The recordings and documentation is being released this week by the Rutgers Law Review.



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