Australian Mom Gives Birth to Mega-Baby


big-babyAn Australian woman gave birth to an incredibly large baby last week.

Chelsea Rose Mackay (left — duh!) weighed nearly twice as much as the average baby at birth. Wearing diapers and a onsie for a six-month-old, she was more than five times as long as another baby at the same hospital (and pictured), Melinda Burns, who was two months premature.

13 pounds, 8 ounces and more than 21.5 inches long.

Chelsea’s mom her baby would be large — she said her stomach was huge. But still she was suprised after the baby was born via a planned c-section (doctors were worried Chelsea wouldn’t fit through the mom’s pelvis).

How’d the baby get so big? It probably had something to do with Mom’s diet. She says she ate “stockman’s tucker and also snacked on icy poles while pregnant.” (Translation: piles of meat and popsicles.)

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