Autistic Boy's Lemonade Stand Shut Down: Restaurant Comes to the Rescue


Lemonade SignYou know the expression “turning lemons into lemonade”? The idea of taking a bad situation and making it better? This is one of those stories, but it literally has to do with turning lemons into lemonade and for a good cause no less.

Corbin Potter, a nine-year-old autistic boy from Oshawa in Ontario, Canada, had opened a lemonade stand in order to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Nice, right? Well, one person was not impressed by the child’s good deed. A neighbor was reportedly irked by Potter and his sisters attempts to sell their lemonade. She didn’t approve of them shouting to potential customers. At first she tried to buy their silence with $5. But when they wouldn’t close down their stand, she called the cops. When the police came, they made the children shut their business down since they did not have a permit. Can you say “bah humbug?”

But the story has a happy ending. After the Toronto Sun wrote about what happened to the boy’s lemonade stand, not only did the family get an outpouring of support but a local restaurant stepped up to help out. The Baton Rouge in Whitby will be letting Potter and his sisters sell their lemonade to customers on August 13th, with the proceeds going to Hospital for Sick Children.

“I appreciate that we can do this,” said Corbin’s mother, Dawn Potter. “We can now turn to Corbin and say, ‘You’re still able to raise money for the hospital that saved your cousins’ lives.”

If only I lived closer I would totally by a glass or two!

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