Awesome Amputee Builds Lego Leg (Video)


lego legChristina Stephens, who makes videos as AmputeeOT, is an “occupational therapist, clinical researcher and peer educator who had her left leg amputated after a foot crush injury,” notes BUST magazine. Stephens recently created a prosthetic leg for herself entirely out of LEGOs and filmed the building process. LEGO took note and called Stephens “inspiring.”

At the end of the video, below, you’ll see Stephens tries to walk on her LEGO creation. You’ll notice that though the leg is not fully functional, I think with a little glue it might be! Of course, the point of the exercise was not to create a functional prosthetic, since Stephens has one, but to make something artistic and celebratory for Stephens to wear on her stump. Notice her excellent right calf tattoo in the last shot:

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Learn more about Christina at her Facebook page.

Video via the BUST blog.


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