Awesome Teachers Dance Bomb Their Students


Just in case you were wondering if only students got Spring Fever, the answer is no.  At Abby Kelly Foster High School (a charter school in Worcester, Massachusetts) the teachers decided to have a little fun.  The ring leader was a history teacher named Mike Penney, who came up with this great idea:

Let’s dance bomb the students.

So someone went around and interviewed students, who are seen answering questions for the camera very earnestly. And in the background their teachers rocking their brains out.  And the students are totally oblivious. It. Is. So. Awesome.

You know why I love this so much?  Because the teachers get to have a giggle at the students’ expense, but it’s in no way degrading or mean. It’s all silly and fun and light-hearted. YOU GO, TEACHERS. Far away high five from me. [via Gawker]


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