Awesomesauce Nonprofits Poster Goes Viral: ‘These Are Your Kids on Books

These are your kids on books
Check out the full viral poster after the jump

Getting little kids to love books is no big whoop if you start them early. But getting kids to stick with books as they grow older can be more of a challenge. There are more distractions. More activities. More screentime. The competition can be fierce.

Burning Through Pages is determined to keep kids hooked on books and inspire a love of reading. “While it may not seem like a lot, reading has the potential to be the world for some,” reads their mission statement. They are a Colorado nonprofit that gives free books to kids who want and need them (and they tailor each recommendation based on each and every kid), and then follow up by engaging them in discussion.

It’s an organization so utterly cool that a poster they’ve created to further their cause has gone viral, according to The Huffington Post. When do book posters ever go viral? Sheesh.

Check out the viral poster after the jump, as well as another one that’s probably not far behind (and click here to donate to their awesomesauce cause — because getting a kid hooked on books is giving them a gift for life):

These are your kids on books
We should all be so lucky to have our kids hooked on books


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